Narealize ko lang, ang cheesy na ng mga post ko iisa dadalawa lang ata nagbabasa. (NAKITA LANG SA TWITTER)

Balik na nga ako sa dating gawi. Yung Filipino chu chu and GIFs na ako haha! Ge last na talagang utot yung kanina, yung enjoy your own company chuchu. XD

The busy student post

Again, it was pretty much a hell 2 MONTHS for me. Yes, this school year is really different. It’s a lot more of school, school, and school.

From my recent blog post, I said that I would be focusing more on acads and this is what I get for being too pushy of myself.

I didn’t really make a big MILESTONE on my grades. Well sort of.

My favorite subject science was “dilapidated” by my not so awesome teacher. Well, our class and this not so awesome teacher have some issues going on although I don’t really care anymore now because nothing’s really changed since we reported him :| And it was like we are the one’s who are wrong. Anyways, I don’t wanna go further on that ‘cause it just puts me in resentment and animosity just having the thought of it -.-

My CLE class is boring as hell (FOR ME). I just really don’t like the topics we studied recently. Now I’m hating Theology for it. So much complication on simple things and I don’t know why. And I really don’t like the way our teacher discusses the lessons. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really learned anything from her. Pretty much self-studied that made my way on hitting the skids.

Filipino, well I never even liked that subject tho I still got some pretty good grades. Average grades.

Math, every year I always have some problems with that subject. Too much immune that I don’t even care now.

AP, I like our teacher. She’s very fun and enthusiastic when she’s discussing.

TLE made me poor. It’s all about baking every week. I freaking hate baking just because our H.E. is not H.E. at all. And of course I hate baking ‘cause it’s expensive as fuck when you do it every week.

MAPEH, no probs with that subj. So far so good.

English. Still the same. Sometimes it’s easy sometimes it’s not. I just really don’t like that listening part in our test wherein our teacher will tell an i-don’t-even-know paragraph then we are expected to answer stuff we don’t fucking know. Well at least that was jeopardized during our PT. NO MORE COMPREHENSION on listening YEY!

Computer is still the same old “PAHABOL”. WHen you feel like you’re already relaxed cause you know exams are over, well don’t be ignorant… the fcking projects will hunt you down it will cause you stress when you thought it should be NIRVANA TIME already XD


Some people might feel sorry for themselves in this situation
Puppy don’t care
Puppy’s got stuff to do
Puppy’s got places to be
Puppy’s got people to bark at and things to sniff.


Some people might feel sorry for themselves in this situation

Puppy don’t care

Puppy’s got stuff to do

Puppy’s got places to be

Puppy’s got people to bark at and things to sniff.

Busy busy-han

Sorry for haven’t posting for the past few weeks. It’s been 2 weeks since school days resumed and it was really hard for me to update/blog.

For the first week, we had only four days of classes since June 12 is a holiday. We didn’t really tackle that much on those days because we only had introductions and the like. But I remember attending our Recognition Day (yeah I know our school’s lame). And yes, I received a recognition XD. After that morning we had a seminar about our school’s new vision, mission, and philosophy.

I just want to share this. During that time of the seminar, me and my bestfriend Liah we’re so sleepy to the point that our eyes will unconsciously close. It was pretty hard managing to stay awake but since we’re seating almost infront, we managed. XD

We also had another and it’s about Bullying. Fortunately, they exchanged speakers so all my sleepiness had gone away.

The seminar about the bullying was really great. I didn’t expect to learn that much about it. My whole perspective about it was changed and I’m happy. In myself, I know that I don’t promote bullying and that I don’t really bully my friends/classmates/peers but of course there comes a time that we can’t control ourselves. I’m very proud to say, I’m against bullying. I really take time to think of my words before it slip out from my mouth. For me, it’s a new way to discipline myself.

This week, we already started our lessons. Some things aren’t the way it was before like the new grading system and the new teachers. I also realized that most of my teachers are using slide/video presentations for presenting their lessons. It’s actually pretty nice and sometimes better because for me, it’s more efficient and modernized.

So far so good with my studies. Although I know, I really need to sacrifice a lot like setting aside fangirling life for a while. Would you believe I just opened my laptop for once during this week? Yeah. It’s actually hard but a little okay for me since I’m also using my mobile to check my twitter and chat with viber.

Well, I just have to stick with the quote that one of my favorite ancient philosopher said "The roots of education may be bitter but the fruit is always sweet."


Missing people :(

In my not-so-long years of existence, I met a lot of great people and they made a spot that can never be replaced in my heart :>

I miss P.

She is really the best friend and I think our personalities have so much in common. Whenever I’m with her, there’s no dull moment. During my 4th grade when I first met her, it was really fun. When people ask me what’s my favorite year in school I would answer Intermediate because that’s the time I met my first true friends including her. Life was really fun that time because I don’t really care that much about my grades (tho I was still able to maintain good grades) and all you have to do during lunchtime was fool around and make the most of the free time you get. I miss her a lot. Sadly, she had to transfer to another school after elementary. Her letter to me given on graduation is still kept same as the bracelet she gave me. I gave her a lot of junk to be treasured too tho I don’t think those are still with her. Anyways, I don’t really mind if she lost those I just truly miss her and the bonding moments we shared.

I miss R.

I really miss this girl. Same as P, I also met her during 4th grade and the three of us was the happiest. I still remember that she used to be the girl who has a lot of insecurities inside and that she’s not confident with herself. I’m really happy that I met this girl cause she was extraordinary. Like P, she was as silly as she was. We are like the three partners in crime. Although she was the first who had different friends, she was never replaced in my heart. I don’t really show that I miss her so much ‘cause she had new friends but to sum it all. She was one of a kind. She moved to Canada like a year ago and what’s sad is that I haven’t had the chance to say thanks to her. What’s amazing is that even though she’s millions of miles away, she never forget. She chats me online and that makes me miss her even more.

I miss S.

Ahh this person. Yep my crush for 3 years since elementary untill highschool. I remember spying over him when he’d play basketball haha fun memories and like your friend would tease you when he’s around. And God’s really great to me because our worlds are so apart (like we are different sections apart XD) but during my first year we became seatmates. I’m like smiling now just looking back to those great memories. However, there came a point that he knew I had a crush on him. I was really sad and dissapointed because he knew that from my friend although I was still happy atleast he knew my admiration for him. Though it was awkward at first especially we’re seatmates but he was a great friend so it didn’t bother after all. Days passed and I felt like I don’t have a crush on him but he never change. He’s still that kind, God-fearing, funny at times guys I would know. I don’t really miss him but I miss having a crush on him haha! Having a crush is like a motivation to go to school. I seriously need to find a crush in school now XD

I miss V

He probably doesn’t know me now but it doesn’t matter. He was my crush during elementary before (S). We were servicemates (like we have the same service to school) He’s a bit older than me and we are not on the same grade. I remember the time when we were travelling to school when he asked me “Crush mo ba ako?” And that time I was not attracted to him yet. It was really funny because I think ang kapal ng muka niya but who would have thought that I will be attracted to him on the long run. Yeah, I miss him, I miss the times when I get pissed off because he would be dismissed so late that I had to go home late too XD

I miss my friends in QC

Our neighbors wohoo! Almost everyone are older than me except for one who is my peer. It’s been a long time since I haven’t visited QC. It’s really a nice place because you won’t get bored there. I miss playing dodgeball with them. It’s actually our own kind of dodgeball. The dodgeball with only one rubber ball haha! Well they don’t probably miss me but I don’t care XD

Wow I wrote a lot.

That would be it :)


Le cousins

Another random blog post ‘cause I haven’t been active for a while. Presenting my two closest cousins.

Probably this picture is our first photo together. I assume I’m a year old in this photograph. The one beside me is Alvin and the one who was carrying me is his older brother Christian who I address as “Kuya” (I was not used to address Alvin as KUYA because that’s how it went. Nothing to explain :D JK). They are 4 years apart.

They’ve been my closest cousins because we lived and grew together under the same roof since the beginning. Since I’m an only child, I see them as my siblings too. Time passes and it was Kuya’s high school year. He had to go to Quezon City and live with my ninang because he transferred to University of The East. It was pretty saddening because he would always teach me with my lessons same with Alvin. Though he always strive hard to go home during weekends.

Alvin and I goes to the same school during his high school. When Kuya went to college, he went back already because he transferred to UP Manila which is nearer to us.

Now, they’re both in College and I’m in High School.

(Sorry, I’m too shy to get a picture from them. Still, if I had the chance they won’t agree anyway :D)

Alvin graduated as batch valedictorian during his senior yr in high school. He is now attending UP Diliman taking up BS Business Administration. He’s doing great actually. Although he has to live away from us because Diliman is way too far from our homeplace. But like Kuya during his HS years, he finds time during weekends to go home.

Kuya is still in college because he’s trying to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. It’s been his dream since we were kids. After his course BS Biology in UP Manila, he went to UE again and entered medical school.

Both of them is doing great. And that’s what I am thankful for.

To be honest, their personalities are very different from each other. I see alvin as the shy-type and reticent one while kuya is very intrepid and self-assured. One thing’s common between them, they’re both smart. Well Alvin is the ACADEMICALLY smart one and kuya is the WISE THINKER one. Alvin would always score the highest during tests while I see kuya as the one who always have solutions to everything. Kuya is actually a debater which fits him perfectly because he always wins in our arguments. I don’t know how he does it but he’s damn good.

No words can express how grateful and proud I am that they became parts of my life. I always hope for the day that they will be proud of me too.